Friday, May 22, 2009

St. George, Easter, Vegas... and Lola's 10 months...what???!

Lola turned 10 months this week. I can't believe she's almost 1 year!!!
She's got 8 teeth, claps and waives hello/goodbye, loves being outside, army crawls like a champ, and is pulling her self up to standing on almost everything!
She's just getting extra ticklish, and her laugh is getting cuter and cuter.

My mom and I decided to take some "10 month" pics of her today, in my parents backyard because it's sooo beautiful right now.

Lola snugging with her Grams above... and then a bunch of my fav's below...

um, yes... that's Lola - trying to eat dirt... (below)

and this (below) was a fabulous example of Lola "smiling with her eyes" - hahaha until she's actually got them almost closed. She takes after her daddy that way. Those beautiful eyes... :)

Big girl - reading her book... OK - she doesn't realize...she's reading up side down... :)

and just being funny....

VEGAS!! - Zack, and I, and our BFF Brian went to Vegas for 3 days, 3 nights. It was so much fun! Brian got us tix to "O"... the MOST AMAZING performance I've ever seen. Thanks Brian!!

Zack and Lacey - Old Las Vegas - the glorious place where I made $1.... into $375 playing the good ole' game of craps! I felt like a million bucks (even though it was just $375 - haha)

Brian's cool pic idea... in the Bellagio (below)

EASTER - Lola was ornery on Easter... so we never did get a pic of her in her Easter dress... I did however make her wear these bunny ears before bed that night...

And earlier that morning...she found her Easter basket that Easter Bunny had left... with a little help from her Dad of course. :)

Then later that day, she went nuts for the empty Easter eggs at her Grandma Bells... seriously, chased them around for hours... and then continued to chase them for weeks and weeks back at home!!

ST. GEORGE - Lola's first time in the pool, and she LOVED it!!