Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lola's 6 months (well... now she's 7 months..) but we got her pics done a few weeks ago

Okay... so my favorite little things about Lola at 6 months...
Height - 26 1/4 inches
Weight - 15 lbs, 8 oz.
Hair - some... dark blonde, light brown looking... finally starting to really grow
Eyes - Greenish Brown... and turning darker and darker by the day. Bye Bye baby blues
Teeth - two front bottom teeth. ADORABLE
Temperament - sweet angel baby all the time. Always happy, seriously only cry's when hungry or tired. :)
Headband/Bow status - she has lazer precision, and can get a bow off in .2 seconds.
Binki status - loves it, but can live without it
Sleeps through the night - if you coun't the 5:01am wake up EVERY day, as sleeping through the night, then yes.
Favorite Baby Food - NONE (she is very naughty about eating her solids, doesn't like any of them) Once in a while Lola will do a fake out, but ONLY for either her Grandma Mock, or Grandma Bell, she'll eat an entire container without fussing. Only pretending like that's how she always does it. hahaha. Otherwise, the rest of the time, the moment Zack, Kerri or I put the spoon in her mouth her mouth stays open, the food pools up under her tongue and she sings.... She does LOOOOOver her formula however.
Favorite Nap position - on her Daddy, or Mama's chest. She'll sleep this way for hours.
Favorite trick - she rolls over, and over... backwards and forwards, also, she sits up on her own like a little champ, recently started doing this hilarious thing with her pointer finger... she points at everything...
Favorite naughty trick - she looooooves to put her hands in her poop. Yes... the moment the diaper opens she get's after it. I'm constantly having to wash poop off her hands, and sterilizing them. Zack and I have come up with the arm bar, which seems to work nicely.
Favorite thing - Stella! She watches her all arond the room, and has started interacting, to Stella's dismay, because Lola to Stella interaction = Lola holding a fist full of Stella fur. Lola always wants Stella's toy out of her mouth too. Pretty soon, they'll be playing tug of war, which actually IS one of Stella's fav games.
Favorite toy - her Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo - HIGHLY recommended instead of an excersaucer... she jumps and laughs, and plays for a hour at a time!!! She even fell asleep in it once!!
Other Favorite thing - her bath!!!
Favorite word - "daaa daaa daaa daaaa" yes, okay, I admit it.... is sounds like Dadda.
Favorite other noise - she makes a little perfect o with her mouth and say "eww eww eww" soooo cute!

Here are some of the best 6 month pics from Katie Moss.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lola's half birthday - so how about some newborn pics.... :)

Since Lola recently turned 6 months, we celebrated her half birthday (okay - not really), but I did remember that I had been wishing I had posted her newborn pics. . . and since we got her 6 month pics done yesterday by Katie Moss - peekaboophotos, i'll be posting those soon, so figured I better get these added. Below are all my favs, from when Lola was 8 days old. She's grown so much!!! The first two were actually the front and back of her birth announcement and the rest... random favs. And stay tuned for the 6 month pics, I saw a preview tonight, and I'm so excited to share!!!

hahaha - this one is Zack's absolute favorite (below). She looks so funny! Cute, but funny!