Sunday, January 11, 2009

My sweetest girl

Took a bunch of pics today. There were too many cute ones that I had to share. . . :) like always.

Lola getting a kick out of our her dad above!

Lola and I getting acquainted with our newest little best friend Breck Leigh Sundloff. She's such a doll! and Lych looks amazing for having a baby 7 days ago...

Lola palling around with her other littlest best friend Payton Morzelewski. Since Lola is a big girl and sits up now, Payton is seeming like a lot of fun.

... and of course, Lola is starting to seem fun to Payton too (above)... especially when Lola lets her share her binki. It's SOOO cute.

Below begins the a collection of my fav pictures from our mini "6 month old" photo shoot. I'm getting her pics done professionally in a couple weeks, but... I started learning how to make Lola's flower bows, and happened to make the one she was wearing today and was happy that it ended up matching her little tutu outfit so well - all around she looked so cute I wanted to eat her up. Instead, I just took a million pictures. :)

Big girl Lola above sits in high chairs now too!

Lola is already known for her smile. She smiles with her eyes like you wouldn't believe. The pic above is the start of a smile, and the one below.... is one of her notorious smiles in full force. She was laughing at her dad above me, who was making the Donald Duck noise. She get's a kick out of him!!

Also, Lola has a fascination for her hands. Could watch them all day... :) (below)

My ALL TIME FAVORITE pic of the lot, below!!!