Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lola eats with a spoon!

Our bebe is so big she eats off a spoon! Okay, so she tries to eat off a spoon then. This was actually her very first attempt, and really the only thing we were successful at was making a mess. Here are a few of the best shots.

and this is what she thought of the whole thing. . .

hopefully in round two we'll actually get her to swallow something. :)

Lola's Skype call with Kate!

Since Lola's never met her cousin Kate who lives in Virginia, we decided to do a Skype Conference call the other day. It was so cute, especially Kate on the other end, she is about 5 months older than Lola, and was fascinated to meet her cousin.

Kate and Christie Bell (above)

Also... Lola got a new toy and LOOVES it! Okay, okay... she only really loves it for like 3 minutes, but that is a fun three minutes!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We had a LOT of fun this Halloween. Even though I did spend hours, and hours, and hours planning and decorating at Omniture (Omniture goes ALL OUT for Halloween)... that was a little nuts, but we still ended up having lots of fun.

90% of the fun was dressing Lola - So... Let's take a vote, which of the Lola's Costumes was your favorite?

Costume #1 - the Adorable scowling Pumpkin (she wore this to Kaden Morzelewski's costume birthday party & to Zack's work party):

Costume #2 - the beautiful Pink ballerina (she wore this on Halloween to the Omniture party, and for "trick or treating"):

in this pic... Lola was LOVIN on her uncle Jake... it was so cute..

or... Costume #3 - the beautiful Blue ballerina (she wore this to another Halloween party the next night):

Obviously we couldn't choose, that's why she got to wear all three! :)

On Halloween night we went to visit my parents & Grandma Brian, and also Jake and Deb. Here's a cute pic of Lola with her sweetest cousins Liv and Kendyl in their costumes.

Also... of course my mother had to dress up her pups (Stella got the year off, and she was elated) but these two looked too cute, and too ridiculous for me not to post a pic.

So first we have Gizmo - the hot dog, and Chloe the witch. Cutie patooties!

Then, the night after Halloween, the Wrights (Brody & Lindsey) threw a Halloween party. It was SO much fun! Thanks Linds and Bro!!! We all got dressed up. Here's a few pics from the party.

Zack & I as Rockers above, and below.... Todd Ferran as . . . ??? a man in pink spandex and a pink bow... he wore it proud, and wore it well!

James Morzelewski, Zack & Dave Irving (Dave's some sort of super hero)..

And Ben Olsen.. was wearing a one piece unitard under his outfit. So awesome!

These were the cupcakes I brought to the party. This gal Lesleigh ( does this out of her home, and it is unbelievable how talented she is!

Ah, little Lola with her mama on Halloween.

Oh, and one more HUGE thing! Lola debuted her BLING at the party. My mom and I took her to get her ears pierced on Saturday. She did so good. Such a brave little sweety! She just looks so fabulous.

Lola is 3 months!!

So.... our little sweety turned three months on October 18th. We can't believe how fast she's growing up! I wanted to make sure an post some pictures of her at the three month marker so we can keep track of how she looks at the different ages. Here are a few of my favs.

I had to post this one (above), because she's been trying for about 3 weeks to get those fists in her mouth. It's her new thing.

"Oh wow... daddy brought me home a weird present for my three month birthday..." Yes... Zack did shoot this deer. I was happy for him. For those of you that know much about hunting, this was a 31 incher... a nice sized buck!

Boy does she LOVE to smile.

and boy do I LOVE those chubby baby legs (and chubby baby cheeks)!!!

The older she gets, the more she wants to love on little Stells... LOL, Stella is being a little apprehensive above... but really, she loves our little babe too!

"Now that I'm three months, I'm so big that I can sit up on my own.." okay - well maybe she's leaning a bit... :) but she's just starting to love the BUMBO chair.

and more eating of the hands... and LOTS of drooling. My mom "SWEARS" she's already getting teeth. I honestly don't think that's possible... but I guess you never know.

And last, but not least (below), such a cute shot of Lola curling her cute little toes around her daddy's finger. We're loving every moment with our sweety who's growing up WAY too fast.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lola's Baby Blessing - September 28th

This post is a little late... but, of course we could not skip it. We blessed Lola on Sunday, September 28th. It was a BEAUTIFUL fall afternoon. Zack did such a wonderful job. I was so proud of Lola's Daddy! We had tons of friends and family there to support us, and we were so grateful. Thanks everyone! Here are a few pics to remember the day.

The special girl of honor... she's not quite sure what's going on of course...

Lola with her mama.

Lola with one of her favorite auntie's Danielle (above). Okay, pseudo auntie, so no one gets confused. But it's all the same if you ask me. Everyone can love her like an Auntie and you won't hear me complain. :)

Above - Lacey & Lola with Heather Warner and Erin Damjanovich. Two of my very best friends over many, many phases of life. We've covered a lot of different kinds of ground over the past 15 years, and I was so glad to have them there to celebrate this new wonderful milestone for Zack, and I!

The BEAUTIFUL cupcakes that my mom made, of course they had to make a cameo.

And finally - above, our happy little family (minus Stella - still haven't been able to get Stella AND Lola to cooperate for a family photo...:)