Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"There is Plenty of Lola to Go around"

Okay, Kerri - is Lola's sweetest babysitter. A couple weeks ago, she sent this story, which is so funny, and so cute, that I wanted to post it, along with some pictures of the three characters in the story. So I also asked Kerri take some pics, and email them so that we can remember these cutie patuties!! Thanks Kerri!!

The Story:

"Well, it was only just before 9:00 and Samuel had already cried over Lola. Both Sam and Sophie wanted to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to Lola at the same time... (Sam doesn't like that, he wants to be the only one singing). Sophie made it to the bathroom to wash her hands before Sam, so that she could touch Lola's feet while she sings to her. Sam was soooo sad! He went behind the chair and cried, I gave him a hug and told him 'there is plenty of Lola to go around' everyone can have a turn to sing to her, and touch her feet. Sam said 'Kerri, I wisheded I had a baby sister so that I could be a big brother' (yes... he said wisheded) it was so cute.
They are calling her 'Princess Jasmine Lola baby' today because Zack said she had on an Egyptian outfit. To make Sam happy I told him he could be Aladdin if Lola was Jasmine, Sophie quickly got upset with me for leaving her out and said... 'huh! Grandma! Then who am I!?' (I can't win!) Sam suggested we put Lola on the blue rug 'so that it could be her magic carpet'. Don't worry, yes I did remind the kids that Lola is not a toy she is a baby.
Thank heaven Ashlii came shortly after this to take both Sam and Sophie to pre-school. Wow what a morning! Funny kids!"

in the picture above... if you look at the body language... Sam is eyeballing Sophie to make sure that she's not touching Lola - LOL he can't even share her for the picture. Looks like little Lola has her first little boyfriend...OMG!

Here's the cutest pic, they are all three behaving in this one. (below) I'm so happy that Lola is so loved by all the kids!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Zack and the Boys - Hunting in Torrey

Zack along with his Dad, brother Jake, Uncle Randy, and cousin Mike just got back from a hunting trip in Torrey. He took some VERY impressive pics. It's really so beautiful there. I guess they had a lot of fun.

Below - the Handsome Bell Boys (Ronnie, Jake and Zack)...

Ron & Jake Bell (below)

And this pic (below) is so funny because Zack really, really, really loves his new truck. He took this picture, which actually looks like a commercial for the Toyota Tacoma, and yes, he meant to get a pic of the truck, with no people in it. He's so funny. I love you babe!!

I think he said this lake is call "Green Lake" - this is on the Boulder Mountains, Torrey is in the far background, where you see the red cliffs. It really is so beautiful.

Okay, and Zack took this pic below of his Dad, it really is an unbelievable picture. Nice work Zachary!

Lola's first Sunday - at Church & our last Sunday with our Primary kids

Well, two Sunday's ago today - yes, I've been too busy to keep up with the blog... But two Sunday's ago today was Lola's first time to church. It was so exciting. We got her all dressed up, and took a few pics to remember the day. Here's a couple of her and her daddy on the back patio before we left.

Then, once we got to church, we gave our Primary kids our last lesson, since we've just been released from the calling (when I say we - I really mean Zack, because who am I kidding, I've always been in charge of treats, and Zack does the teaching - he really does such a good job! :) So anyways, of course, Lola was a HIT with the kids. We've basically been teaching them since I was JUST starting to show, so they've been really attached with the process of my belly growing, and all that goes with it. They got so excited when we finally brought her to meet them for the first time. They ABSOLUTELY mauled her to DEATH. I definitely see why the doctors advise you to wait at least 6 weeks before taking the babies to church...:) But it was really so sweet.

Here's a pic with us and the kids.

And below is one with Lola and Natalie - who loved Lola more than anyone. We actually let all the kids hold her, and get their picture. It was fun for everyone. Though, we made them all lather in hand sanitizer before any of this...

After Church, we hurried to Jake and Deb's house to celebrate our sweet little niece Kendyl's birthday. We got a ton of cute pics of Lola with the family. Here's one with the birthday girl, and Debbie.

And finally, Lola with her mama - I love this bebe!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yankee's Fans - Eat your heart out...:)

So... of course, while we were in NY a couple months before Lola was born, her daddy had to find her the cutest, littlest Derek Jeter jersey. Which he did find, and purchased with great haste. He's been wanting to try it on her for the past two months, and we finally decided that she might actually fit into it. Yes, our little sweety is growing so fast. Here are couple of cute pics of the youngest, cutest Jeter/Yankees fan there is.

LOL, did I mention that Zack also bought Lola her first pair of puma's while we were in San Diego a couple weeks ago...:) Of course, she didn't complain about any of this. She must already bleed blue for the Yanks!

Friday, September 5, 2008

My first week back to work - Lola's first week at the babysitter

Okay, so... this week was a tough one, just like I expected it would be. I went back to work on Wednesday. After 6.5 wonderful weeks at home with Lola we took her the babysitter for the first time. I shouldn't say we... because I made Zack do it. Yes, I was too afraid I'd break down right in front of Kerri, who, by the way, is the sweetest lady I could ever dream up to take care of, and love my sweetest Lola while we're away. She knew that it would be hard on us, so that first day, she took several pics of Lola with all her new friends and emailed them to me in the middle of the day, and I can't even tell you how much it helped! Here's the pics, she really does look like she's having a good time.

Rubie is Ashlii Madsen's DARLING baby girl, who is 5 months older than Lola. They are going to be BFF's for sure! Rubie is fascinated with Lola already, I can't wait until they can play together. Currently Lola just stares at Rubie. :)

They are holding hands! OMG - how cute!!

She looks so tiny and cute in this one!

Okay, and this little boy is named Sam. He is SO good at getting smiles out of Lola. I mean, he gets them more than anyone. He loves her, and she is loving him. It's so cute.

She's taking lots of cat naps right now, poor Kerri - but I'm so happy to see that she's comfy!

Thanks Kerri for making a nice home for Lola to spend her days!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Misc. August & before .... (since my blogging is capricious...inconsistant....etc.:)

Okay, so I don't claim to be the most consistent & reliable blogger. But... since I have the plan to print this blog and bind it as a book at the end of the year, and use it as a "family photo journal album", I don't want to forget any of my favorite parts of this summer. This summer has been a dream, since before Lola was born, hanging out in the hot summer heat, 8-9 months pregnant (with all the excitement waiting for her to come), to of course after she was born mid-July, and the past six weeks that we've been hanging out together, at home, at the pool, out to lunch, on long walks with Stella, and having such a dreamy & memorable summer! Since I'm going back to work tomorrow, I thought I should take the time to post a couple extra of my favorite missed moments of August and before. . .

The pool - Hadley Ferran loves her new little friend who she calls "LoLo" even every time they drive by our house. She's such a motherly little thing to Lola, and we all get the biggest kick out of it. At the pool a few weeks ago, Hadley made sure Lola didn't go a moment longing for her bink. She kept offering it to her so sweetly. So much fun!!

... and of course, Zack has had a way with the little ones lately (like always). They love just chillin with him. Kaden Morzeleweski and Hadley Ferran (and Stells of course) wanted to play video games with him the other day. :)

We've been out on a couple boating outings this month, so much fun!! Thanks Todd and Morgs!

Danielle with Lola - Lola and I have been out to lunch with Danielle, several times, along with many of my other girlfriends, my mom, etc.:). It's been so fun just pal'ing around with Lola, lunching and running errands. She's just such a sweet portable kid!

Just before Lola was born, our brother and sister-in-law TJ & Christie brought little Kate out from DC for a visit. She's just 5 months older than Lola, and they share the same middle name - Jayne - . Kate was SO darling when she was out here. I mean honestly, does she really realize it's her little cousin in my big belly in the pic, and it's like she's totally excited to play with her? Yep, Kate is very clever.

Lola gave Kate a little kick as if to say hello while Kate was sitting with me. We're really looking forward to having them together to play this Christmas!!

Kate was ALL SMILES with uncle Zack too. It was so much fun having them here!

Sunny San Diego... Lola is 6 weeks old!

We went on our first family vacation since Lola's been born. She was exactly six weeks old while we were in San Diego for Labor Day weekend. My Mom, Dad, Grady, Madeline, Zack, Lola and I were there. It was so much fun! Lola was such an angel, on the airplane, and for the whole trip actually! We got tons of pics.... of HER...:) and a few other non-Lola pics. (I dragged out the Digital SLR camera to try out my new lens.. hopefully my skills will improve with more practice.) It was so fun getting Lola dressed in her little swimsuits. Here are a few of my favs....

Love these one's (above & below), because just this weekend we've been noticing that her eyelashes are growing in thick, and black. Just like her daddy! Just like I've been hoping for!!

Couldn't you just kiss those cheeks forever!?! And I can't help but melt when I see her in this swimsuit!!

I had to post this one of my mom, cause she looks so pretty!!

The boys (above)... Grady, Dad & Zack. They are a cute bunch too.

A cute shot of Madeline (above). Of course, she was in the pool 99% of the time. :)

We got Lola smiling a LOT this weekend. It turns out maybe she likes to be where the sun shines, and the weather is dreamy, just like her mama. She was a happy girl!!

We carried her around in the mama posh sling all weekend. Got lots of curious stares, I guess the trendy baby gear has not yet hit Southern California. . . much to our surprise. She's wearing a darling outfit that my Grandma gave her in this particular shot. We went to the Gas Lamp district for dinner, and shopping.

Next day, it was time for Lola to adorn the bikini... :)

And by the way, she LOVE's to stretch. It's her favorite thing. She also grunts while she's stretching!!

I love my little sweety!

And finally, I dragged Zack out for a family phot opp. Our first on the beach. :) Too bad Stella wasn't there too.

We had such a great time in San Diego, thanks Mom and Dad for the wondeful trip!