Sunday, August 17, 2008

Past few weeks - Sharp's Triplets, softball champs, the Baby Bjorn, etc.

Alright, so I've been busy, and haven't posted in a couple weeks. Here's a couple of fun things that have been going on.

About a week ago, a bunch of us talked Morgan and Lindsay Sharp into bringing their ADORABLE triplets out for a little fun. They are just a little bit older than Lola, but... she's a little bit bigger. It was so fun to see so many babies!!

Above - Lola, Seylor, Beaux & Greyson (sorry Morgan and Linsday for the spelling:)

Also - let's see. Zack's Softball team (The "Big Sticks) was victorious this summer. They played their last game last Wednesday night, and in the end, were the champs for the league. Zack was embarrassed when I tried to take a picture (below) of him holding the trophy... I love watching these guys play!

And . . . . the puppies at my parents are getting big, playful, and SO cute.

Even Zack can't resist the cute little pups!

My Grandma came over (to my parent's) for my birthday - and of course to visit our little Lola to see how much she's changed. I was glad she made the drive, and was able to spend some time with us all!

We ended up having a birthday dinner at my parents, and then birthday cake at the Bells. Thanks everyone for the special birthday! Here I snapped a pic of Jeri and Kendyl with Lola. Kendyl (and Jeri) LOVE's little Lola!!

Lastly - I've been using the baby Bjorn a lot, Lola, Stella and I try and get out for a nice long walk at least a few times a week. I'm tryin to get all the exersize I can in these early weeks! Lola loves it in the baby Bjorn, I'm sure it feels a lot like what it was like when she was in my tummy. She can be fussy one moment, then (after I strap her in) the next moment, calm, serene... either gazing up at me, or fast asleep within moments. It's hard to get self photo's... but Stella can't really help us.. so I did my best. I wanted to remember how cute she looks with her little tiny arms and legs dangling from the baby Bjorn.

Grandpa loves his baby Lola!

I have a funny story that I've been wanting to post. So, it was the day before Heather's wedding, and I had to go up to Log Haven for a rehearsal. Zack wasn't ready for me to bring Lola out of the house and he had to be somewhere for work, so we needed a little help... Ronnie Bell (my father-in-law) came to the rescue. Without our even asking, he called up Zack, and asked if he could babysit for us. We happily, and gratefully agreed. Lola was under his loving care for a few hours. Ronnie fed her a bottle, and kept her happy the entire time. It was the MOST adorable thing ever. Just Grandpa and Lola. The funniest part of this story actually played out later that evening, when I got home, and Ronnie was off to the Provo river for some fishing. I went to change Lola's diaper... and found that the previous diaper that Ron had put on Lola was completely backwards. It was on good too! Magically, Ronnie had fastened the diaper tabs around behind Lola, in a very secure, and leak proof fashion. It was so funny!! Impressive too. Ronnie loves his little Lola. We're so glad!! Thanks for taking such good care of our bebe Ronnie!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Another week of Lola & my BFF's!

PIC of the week! Little Lola all dressed up for Jamie Morgan's wedding this week. She looked SO adorable.

So this week, along with Heather & Jeff's wedding, we were able to get out of the house a bit more. Earlier in the week we went over to my parents for a visit. My dad was anxious for another chance to hold his new sweet little Lola, I got his adorable pic of them relaxing together...

Madeline also got a little quality time with her niece... (below)

Um... did I happen to mention that my parents have four, adorable chihuaha puppies? Here's one... they are about 5 weeks. I LOVE puppies! Zack says "I bet when you imagine what Heaven is like, you're imagining that there are puppies running around all over"... and yes, I do. :)

I also had some of my dear lady friends over on Thursday for a GNO - and we got some cute pics.

Lacey, Heather Morzelewski, Natalee Nielson, Lindsay Wright, Lola Bell :), Morgan and Hadley Ferran and Brooke White (boo boo)

Heather's daughter Peyton, and Lola are only 4 months apart, and will be the same age in school. We're introducing them early so they can be BFF. Lola really was reaching out to Peyton (below). So cute!

This one of Nat and Lola was too cute.

From GNO to late nights with Lola - while Zack was out of town for work... we had a really late night where Lola just decided to go to bed for the first time at 2:00am.. In these situations, during the late hours, Stella likes to hang out.. though it ends up being way past her bedtime. She had me laughing really hard this one particular night, because she had crawled her way into this pillow case, the odd shaped pillow, is pillow + Stella...

Silly girl.

Heather's Wedding!

The big day finally arrived after months of planning. Us ladies were so thrilled for Heather (Robison), or dear friend of 13+ years. Heather and Jeff were married up at Log Haven on Wednesday, July 30th. It was beautiful! I was even up for wearing the bridesmaid dress, and celebrating all night. Lola was at the Bell's under the wonderful care of my mother-in-law, and two sister-in-laws. They rotated. Lola is taking a bottle well now, so we were able to relax a bit, and celebrate with Heather. Here are a few pics to remember the evening.

Above - a few of the bridesmaids - Randi Morgan, Natalee Nielson (Rassmusen), myself and Amy Jones

And of course, the beautiful bride!!!

The Rasmussen Girls, Nat and Boo Boo, and their affection for white cake... it's so funny, so predictable. I love these girls!

I had to add a pic of my handsome date... I really love this guy too!