Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lola's First week, my most favorite moments... and THANK YOU!!

So, she's been home exactly a week, and she's now a week and 2 days old, and we can't get enough of the cutest little bug ever. We wanted to first say thanks a million times over for all our sweet & wonderful friends and family for your outpouring of support, help, meals and friendly faces. We're so excited to share this time with those we love, and can't tell you how much it means to us, all you've done for us!! Thank you.

Lola had some adorable moments this week, and I wanted to share them. Starting with the day we got home, our good friends the Thaut's came over with dinner, and Brian set up his camera in her nursery, we got an adorable shot of her in her crib... all stretched out. She so long!!

Then there was the night I bundled her up in the "swaddle me" blanket that Jeri my sweet mother-in-law gave us ... she looked like she was squirming around in a potato sack. So adorable. We're still not sure if this helps her to sleep better, as we haven't had much sucess these last 7 nights... :)

I pulled out the boppy pillow that Teylor and Kim gave me (bless your little hearts for saving my back)... within 30 secons of laying it down on the couch, Stella... jumped right in, and got cozy, it was pretty funny and so typical of our sweet little puppy. She's a sucker for this kind of stuff.

Here is one of the other day when we were with Zack's family, and Jeri (my mother-in-law) was burping little Lola, she looks so cute, like a little monkey. I love this girl!!

Okay, and I saved my favorite moment for last. Of course we had to figure out how to bathe our little one this week... quite an intimidating challenge for first time parents... :) However, we quickly learned that little Lola LOVES her bath. It is the cutest thing. She gets all peaceful, and almost smiles when we pour the warm water over her. She's the cutest when she's on her belly, she looks like a frog... Get's us chuckeling every time!!!

What an awesome week! We love you Little Lola!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Lola Jayne Bell is here!!

I'm SOOOO excited to announce that Lola Jayne Bell was born last Friday morning at 4:03am. I was scheduled to be induced on Friday morning, at 7am. So, on Thursday (her Due Date) I decided to take the day off to get prepared (mostly mentally:), I had a wonderful day. Got a massage in the morning, went to the pool, then went for a pedicure. Around 5:30pm when I got home, I started feeling some mild contractions, but finally they were some what consistent (i've been feeling inconsistent contractions for weeks and weeks). So, we decided to go to Zack's softball game, and then maybe stop by the hospital to check things out after wards. Of course, our sweet angel already loves softball, because we made it through the game no problem (i still felt great), and by the time we arrived at the hospital at 10:00ish, I was dilated to a 5.5, and they admitted me right away. We had pretty quick overall labor and delivery (about 6 hours), and we were SO excited at 4:03 in the morning when she made her entrance! We already love her so much!! She is the sweetest girl!!

She was 7lbs, 12 oz, and 20 inches long. She has really long fingers and toes, just like her mama, and beautiful dark hair like her daddy. Otherwise, we can't tell who she looks like. I'll update the blog with more details later on, but wanted to at least get some pics posted.

Our first family photo. The day she was born, at the hospital. Of course, our friend Brian took this picture. :)

We had lots of visitors at the hospital, and Zack and I were feeling really good, so we were thrilled to see all our loved ones!

Here's a cute one of my brother Grady, with our adorable nieces Olivia & Kendyl who couldn't wait to meet their new cousin.

Lola really likes to cuddle, I thought this was the sweetest thing ever when she curled up next to me in the hospital bed. :) :)

We finally got to go home on Sunday morning. Here's Zack with his new little baby girl, headed into our home for the first time.

We were pretty nervous to bring Lola home to Stella, but... Stella decided that she loves her new baby too. They already like to snug. :)

Of course I'll have lots more to add later. As for right now, I think I am in need of a nap... :)