Thursday, May 29, 2008

Zack and the Boys in Torrey = trouble!

I just found this crazy hilarious picture that perfectly helps describe my sweet crazy husband, and his buddies Ryan McDonald, Ryan Means, and our favorite red head, Brian Thaut in Torrey a few weeks ago. Yes, those are all real guns. . . :) Did I mention that my Aunt Camille ended up running these crazy boys out of town? LOL

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just got back from NYC!!

I needed to get out to New York for work one more time, but this is for sure the last flight I'll take before the baby comes. The 5 hour plane rides each way were a little brutal on the 7.2 months pregnant gal (my ankles were so swollen they were unrecognizable...LOL). But... we had a lot of fun!!! Zack decided to come with me for a couple days. I was SO glad to have him there!! Here's a couple of pics from the trip. . . .

Our Good Friends Brian Thaut, and Danielle Bowcut met us on Sunday for a Sunday night Yankees Game. Yankess vs. Mets - I'm sad to say, the Yankees got spanked!

Zack in Momument Park at Yankee Stadium

Lacey - Central Park, you should have seen the stares (not nice stares:) all over NY, it was like either I was an alien, or these people had never seen a pregnant woman before. . . .

Zack and Lacey - Rockefeller Square

After Zack went home early Monday morning, Brian, Danielle and I stayed to do some work. We also decided to hit Tavern on the Green for Dinner one night. It was lovely!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We went to St. George a few weeks ago...

Here's a cute pic of Zack, James and little Caden Morzelewski

Kira Olsen, Heather Morzelewski & I at the Pizza Factory!

Monday, May 12, 2008

our sweet puppy Stella...

Yes, it's just a dog, and yes, we adore her!

We're having a baby...:)

Okay, so now I'm really just messing around, because I want to see what the new blog looks like with more than one post.'s not really news to anyone, cause we're seven months along, but we're having a baby! Our friend Brian took some fun pics of us a couple weeks ago, to help us document this exciting experience. I'll add more later, but for now... here are a couple of funky, cool ones. . .

The Blog has been launched!!!

Okay, so... it only took me 6 months of saying "i'm going to do this", and 6 month's of my dragging my feet to learn that it actually only took me 3 minutes to set up my blog.... the real question... can I figure out how to post pics, video, and actually make this thing interesting??? Plus, I must talk with my sweet, clever girlfriends to find out how to make it look stylish!! Okay, so here goes the first post... and more to come.