Monday, July 6, 2009

Girls Trip - Vegas!!

A few weeks ago a few of my girls and I decided to run off to Vegas for a little R&R. In the end.... it was a little less R&R and a little more fabulous fun!!!
Don't know how we managed to entertain ourselves, but stayed out all night and laid by the pool all day, and it was such a blast! Here's a few of our fav pics.

The airport...

Arriving in style... :) it was almost cheaper to get an SUV limo to take us from airport to the Bellagio... so why not!!?? Nat Neilson, Kira Olsen, Heather Morzelewski and Brooke White.

Day 1 - poolside babes!

That night - Nat Ras (Neilson) and me! Posing of course!

These silhouette shots are cool right?

Nat and Morgs cuddling up at the fountains :)

We did a little shopping at our favorite little lady Betsey's store!!

Nat eating her double stacker sugar cookie... which looked... um... a little too delish... :) - hahaha well .... okay, maybe not for everyone - But for Nat- YES, she's a sucker for her sugar cookies.

all of us in the garden at Bellagio - where we stayed!! Clockwise top to bottom - Brooke White, me, Nat Ras (Neilson), Rachel Cowen, Kira Olsen, Heather Morzelewski, Morgan Ferran and Lindsay Wright

Our fabulous sun glasses in the Juicy store! hahaha we were just trying them, not buying them.

A quick pose in front of the fountains at Bellagio

and then.... the aftermath... the look on our faces at the SLC airport says it all... above and below... we were all pretty much sick with the flu or otherwise when we got home. But it was SO MUCH FUN!!! I love you girls!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

St. George, Easter, Vegas... and Lola's 10 months...what???!

Lola turned 10 months this week. I can't believe she's almost 1 year!!!
She's got 8 teeth, claps and waives hello/goodbye, loves being outside, army crawls like a champ, and is pulling her self up to standing on almost everything!
She's just getting extra ticklish, and her laugh is getting cuter and cuter.

My mom and I decided to take some "10 month" pics of her today, in my parents backyard because it's sooo beautiful right now.

Lola snugging with her Grams above... and then a bunch of my fav's below...

um, yes... that's Lola - trying to eat dirt... (below)

and this (below) was a fabulous example of Lola "smiling with her eyes" - hahaha until she's actually got them almost closed. She takes after her daddy that way. Those beautiful eyes... :)

Big girl - reading her book... OK - she doesn't realize...she's reading up side down... :)

and just being funny....

VEGAS!! - Zack, and I, and our BFF Brian went to Vegas for 3 days, 3 nights. It was so much fun! Brian got us tix to "O"... the MOST AMAZING performance I've ever seen. Thanks Brian!!

Zack and Lacey - Old Las Vegas - the glorious place where I made $1.... into $375 playing the good ole' game of craps! I felt like a million bucks (even though it was just $375 - haha)

Brian's cool pic idea... in the Bellagio (below)

EASTER - Lola was ornery on Easter... so we never did get a pic of her in her Easter dress... I did however make her wear these bunny ears before bed that night...

And earlier that morning...she found her Easter basket that Easter Bunny had left... with a little help from her Dad of course. :)

Then later that day, she went nuts for the empty Easter eggs at her Grandma Bells... seriously, chased them around for hours... and then continued to chase them for weeks and weeks back at home!!

ST. GEORGE - Lola's first time in the pool, and she LOVED it!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

in NYC - missin my little fam - at least I got some Red Mango Goodness...

Zack txted me this pic of my little sweet darlin this morning. I'm in NY for work this week, so he faithfully txt's me pics a few times per day... I love the pics, but of course makes me miss them more!

At least I got this AWESOME pic of my most favorite treat on my phone's camera. I was wandering around today after a meeting, and stumbled upon this goodness! Red Mango made my day. :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just us girls.... Moab!!

A couple of weeks ago, very last minute, and spontaneously - Nat, Heather and I decided to go to Moab to watch Heather's dad run the Moab half Marathon, and of course, have a little getaway in the sun, just us girls.

The trip began at Smart cookie, in American Fork, where we purchased more than a dozen cookies.... which we did eat.

Next morning was the race - and it was a beautiful morning. Natalee Nielson, Heather Warner and I at the park where the race ends.

We got there just in time to see Heathee's dad Rick finish. Nice job Rick!!

Then we went to Arches - and hiked up to Delicate Arch - the one on all the UT license plates. It was beautiful!!

That night, went out on the crazy town of Moab for some wood fired pizza!

I pretended to drink a little ranch, cause it was SO delicious, and... of course in honor of Nat's little sis Boo Boo (Brooke White) - who would drink ranch too! :)

The sleeping situation. :) all three of us, one king sized bed. LOVED it!!!

Next day, we went to Dead Horse Point, where it was UNBELIEVABLE windy!! But as always, SOOOOO beautiful!

Heather looks glamorous with the wind in her hair!!

Nat and I with the winding Colorado River behind us. : )

That day, we also did some SICK 4-wheeling. It was "just us girls" remember, so I did the driving. It was quite an adventure! Below is a pic of Heather's Dad's jeep that we followed. You have no idea how high we were at the time we took this pic.

My BFF Brian Thaut SOOOOOOOOO generously let us borrow his Bad A FJ for the weekend adventure, and I was so proud to show him how dirty we made the tires! :)

Thanks Brian!! Thanks Nat and Heddy, it was SOOOOO much fun!